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She cooks, she tells again

Over at Saucy, the second installment of “Cook and Tell” is up and available for consumption, titled “Have Your Beefcake and Eat With Him Too.”* Please forgive me the pun; I couldn't resist. I mean, really, could you?

While you're there, I hope that you'll take a moment to peruse Saucy's other features and news, updated daily, Monday through Thursday. Saucy pulls together a bit of something for everyone, from
(cook)book and magazine reviews to columns on drinks, gardening, baking, host(ess)ing, and practical cooking. Plus, there's a cheese of the month feature! If that doesn't make you happy, you're just a very picky eater. I hope that you'll make Saucy a part of your daily rotation.

*Special thanks—long overdue!—to Gigi, for being an insightful and enthusiastic first reader for “Cook and Tell,” and to Nicho, for being a wonderful friend then and now.


Anonymous Audrey said...

Glad to have another place to read your tasty posts! I discovered your blog, after just discovering food blogs in general, on Friday and ate up all your archives by Sunday. Thanks for inspiring me to crack open some recipe books (and click through epicurious) and get cookin'. --Audrey, librarian and kitchen neophyte

4:24 PM, April 11, 2005  
Blogger Molly said...

Thanks so much, Audrey! It's very nice to meet you. I hope that you'll check out some of the excellent food sites and blogs that I've listed in the sidebar, and please do keep me posted on your cooking adventures...

7:26 AM, April 12, 2005  
Blogger Swirl and Sniff said...

That was a great article. I must admit to wincing at the pun at first, but the article made so much sense. I would not have believed it if someone told me there was an article on the web about sausage that was genuinely sexy.

3:37 PM, April 13, 2005  
Blogger Molly said...

Swirl and Sniff, your comment made my day! Thank you. And as for the pun, I initially wasn't sure either--but it was just too good to let slip by.

5:22 PM, April 13, 2005  

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