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That cloud

Hi, all.

This note is to say that I’ve had to postpone my reading this Sunday, April 18, at the Ballard Library in Seattle, and that I’m going to be away from this space a few days longer than I expected. My grandmother is not doing well, and I’m making an emergency trip to Oklahoma to be with my family.

You would have liked my grandmother. She was a devotee of rare roast beef sandwiches and red shoes, and she had a penchant for using the word yummy to describe non-food items, like a pretty scarf or a soft sweater. You can imagine it: we’d be in a store together, and she would pick up a shirt and say, “Moll, this color would be yummy on you.” The last time I saw her, about ten days ago, she was eating lunch, and she was disoriented, and she looked up at my mother and said, “What happened to the cloud with cold cuts in it?” None of us knew what to say, but I thought it was perfect. I hope she finds that cloud again soon.

If you were planning to attend the event this Sunday, please note that the date and time have changed. Mark your calendar:

Seattle, WA
May 10, 6:30 pm
Talk + Booksigning
Ballard Branch,
Seattle Public Library
Free event, open to the public

I’ll be back soon.