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October 14

When I was eighteen, I took my first big trip without my parents, and before I left, my mother suggested that I pack a nice notebook to use as a journal. In my normal life, I’ve never been a journal-keeper, but I took her advice, and for roughly fifteen years now, every time I’ve taken a substantial trip, I’ve kept a record of my days. Sometimes I’m a real champ, and I’ll write down every detail: what I overheard in line at the museum, how much I paid for such-and-such, which subway station I was leaving when that handsome man smiled at me and my heinous pink-and-white polka dot umbrella, or, tragically, which subway line I was on when I forgot my heinous pink-and-white polka dot umbrella under the seat. Sometimes I’m less of a champ, and I’ll only write down what I ate. Sometimes I don’t write much at all, and instead I take pictures. I’m not sure how my mother feels, but I think that counts. I take a lot of pictures.

I want to thank you for your comments last week. I hope this doesn’t sound weird, or what the heck, it probably will, but: you made me feel so taken care of. Thank you for that. I’ve been thinking about what you wrote, and I’ve decided that I am going to Edinburgh. With a day trip into the Scottish countryside, too, unless the weather puts up a fight. But before that, I’m taking the train to Paris for a few days, because I had my heart set on it. And then, if I can work out the details, I’ll go visit my dad’s best friend Michael and his wife Becky, who now live in France. I only get to see them every few years, and I think of them all the time. When I was fourteen, or maybe I was sixteen, Michael gave me Adrienne Rich’s Diving into the Wreck, and it was the first book of poetry that I ever really loved. I wonder what he’ll introduce me to next. We’re overdue for a visit.

It hasn’t always come naturally to me, but I’m getting used to this seat-of-the-pants thing.

I’m very glad I came.

October 14 was my first full day in London, and I took the pictures in this post that day.

That morning, I walked along the Regent’s Canal, and in the sun, it was almost hot. I stopped for a ginger beer at Towpath, and not long after, I saw a barge called The Spirit of Marmalade, which made my year.

My friends who live in Edinburgh had booked tickets to come to London for the weekend, and they arrived in the early afternoon. We got lunch at Song Que and shared some spicy squid, and then, that night, we went for a celebratory dinner at St. John Bread and Wine.

I have a piece of advice to pass on: order a dozen madeleines.

My friend Brian has a stack of records leaning against the wall of his living room, and today, the one on top is called LONDON IS THE PLACE FOR ME. I don’t know what it sounds like, but I like it.


Anonymous sprite said...

Was Paddington at the helm of the barge? It would only seem appropriate.

Have a great time, even if it isn't the trip you envisioned. Sometimes those are the best ones!

9:29 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Caroline @ Pink Basil said...

I'm sure even with the change of plans you'll have a great time! I was trying to go to Paris once when all of the airline workers went on strike and I was stranded in London. It ended up being an exciting adventure for me as well :)

9:29 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Judy said...

The best times are often the times least planned. Relish this time in your life when spontaneity is still available. Enjoy and thank you for letting us live vicariously through you for a while. You are visiting some of my favorite places.

9:37 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous charlotte au chocolat said...

Your trip sounds like it's coming together rather beautifully, even if it's not what you had planned... I do hope you'll enjoy it! xo

9:39 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Anna said...

Spontaneous travel is sometimes the most memorable, especially when you have friends to join you along the way. Just make sure you have a comfy pair of shoes and a light rain coat with you and you'll be all set (I learned all too quickly that while umbrellas are cute and fun, they can be utterly useless in windy weather). Enjoy it!

9:41 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Urban Girl said...

First, that when you do end up taking that trip to Paris for your project, I will be waiting with anticipation to see what you come up with. I for one can never get enough reading on the Paris lifestyle...

Second, I hope you have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to see more pictures of the country side of England and where ever else your journey may take you.

I enjoyed reading today's post.

9:45 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Rebekka Seale said...

I am like, honestly, as jealous as they come.

9:45 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Tom Le Mesurier said...

Ah yes, St John's Bread and Wine is *great*. I moved to Brazil a year ago, but used to live just round the corner from St John's and I still pine for the amazing, simple, brilliant food they serve. I ate there many times but never tried the madeleines! Next time I'm back I know what I'm doing first... :)

9:56 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Elizabeth @ Saffron Lane said...

I've never been much of a seat-of-the-pants girl either, until really magical things started happening whenever I did. Please go to Paris. It seems to be calling you and would be a complete shame to ignore. Staying tuned...

10:00 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Modcolumbian said...

When one is tired of london one is tired of life.. cna't remember who said it, (Boswell? Winston?) but it's true - and go to the 5th floor of harvery nichols, it's my favorite place to look at pretty people, like Seattle used to have the Frederick & Nelson tea room ages ago.

10:01 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Lys said...

The Scottish countryside is seriously lovely this time of year, as long as you don't mind the rain. I loved getting up in the morning, hearing the rain patter on the skylight, only to look out behind me and see a few bobbing heads of horses in their paddock, absolutely enveloped by the fog. The fog! It's only comparable to that of Ireland, another favorite of mine. I am seriously swooning at the thought of your spontaneous adventure to come! Enjoy! Take lots of photos!

10:03 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous cherie said...

someone wiser than me once said "paris is never a bad idea". it won't be the trip you had in your head, but it may be far, far better! here's to adventures!

10:08 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Emily said...

say hello to Edinburgh for me. i studied abroad there, and still dream about the hot chocolate at Black Medicine, the breakfast rolls at Metropole, and anything at The Apartment.

10:09 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Molly said...

didn't you just love st. john?? my husband and i were in london for a few days last fall and had the opportunity to eat there as well. we definitely ordered the madeleines...have so much fun on your spontaneous adventures.

10:15 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy Edinburgh! I had a few really great meals there, and obviously the architecture is amazing. Also, I bedded a local, and, well, I'd DEFINITELY recommend the local fruit.

10:25 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Micheline said...

Sometimes the best trips are the ones we never planned on. It sounds like you're well on your way.

10:30 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous sally cameron said...

Molly, so glad to read that you are staying, traveling and enjoying. Making the best of things. And I am so glad you are still going to Paris. When I read your last post, I though "go anyway!". I too carry a journal when we travel. They become so special when you get home. The memories flood out of the pages, documenting all of the sights, sounds, food, recipes and inspiration.

10:31 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Delyth from www.thedelicious.net said...

Shame you didn't consider visiting Wales, no one ever does, sigh.
We have some unique culinary wonders and a cooking tradition all our own. I've only been to London 5 times in my life and despite being British myself, am very much the tourist whenever I visit also.

10:33 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Yas said...

Stay strong :) Edinburgh is so so beautiful, it just has this old world feel to it..the way the light shines on the buildings is like nothing I've ever seen before. You feel forget all your troubles, I'm sure.

Take care :)

10:38 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Elissa said...

Excellent! You sound wonderful, in keeping with the spirit of Marmalade. And I always love that Fergus Henderson used the same ancient piggy for his St John's logo. I love that piggy.

10:46 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Heike said...

Thank you...I needed a break and I appreciate that you are sharing yours with wonderful descriptions and pictures.

10:55 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Kate @ Savour FAre said...

I always love Edinburgh, because I had my first kiss with my now husband there, fourteen years ago, and we revisited on our honeymoon, five years later. But Paris is one of those cities where you can go with a friend, or with a lover, or all by yourself. It's a good place to be.

11:31 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Lauren said...

You threw away your Baedeker!

11:44 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Ann said...

Lovely. Now I need to go get some Madelines. Might be difficult in the middle of Wisconsin, but I'll try.

11:46 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Krysta said...

Excellent! All of it :)

11:47 AM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Catherine said...

Hi Molly,

I have some more suggestions for your time in London.

Someone else suggested visiting Brixton Village. It's great and open late on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There is a very eclectic selection of places to eat and shop, all undercover in 2 separate places.

I like Cambridge better than Oxford. It's more beautiful and is definitely worth a day trip.

If you here 12th/13th November then Discover Dogs is on at Earls Court. It's a chance to see lots of different breeds and talk to their owners.

If you want to go to another European city then try Barcelona. I think I like it more than Paris, if that is possible.

Outside London, Dorset, Somerset, Kent and Suffolk are all worth a visit.

If you need any help, then as others have said, then contact me.

11:53 AM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Susan said...

Edinburgh is such a moody, magical place. I'll never forget arriving for the first time,at night,and coming up out of bowels of the train station to see the castle on its rocky cragg all lit up. When I lived there I loved to go to Patisserie Florentin and get a cafe au lait and some very pretty pastry and people watch. Enjoy it!

12:02 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Ediblerose said...

How strange, I was wondering around London on Friday too, probably straight past you and I'm now back in Edinburgh where I live. That's somehow nice given you are my favourite food blog writer. If I can repay the gift with any recommendations while you are here in Edinburgh I would be honoured! Enjoy Paris, very jealous (of the trip and the writing)!

12:07 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger charlotte said...

never a better meal than with the st john young gang - i'm very glad you came too!

12:11 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Ella said...

I took that exact same walk a week or so ago, and I also smiled at The Spirit of Marmalade. I think Marmalade was a cat, so it was a little bittersweet.

I hope the rest of the trip works out well for you.

12:14 PM, October 18, 2011  
OpenID themoveablefeasts said...

I went on my first "big" trip (without my parents) with my boyfriend this past summer. I wanted to make a food journal out of it--tracking everything I ate. It ended up turning into more like the type of journal you talk about when you're being "good." I've never thought about traveling alone, but it sounds so intimidating! I wonder how your journaling is going to be different from it. I really do like the pictures you've documented so far, though. Glad you're having fun!

12:32 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Shaheen [The Purple Foodie] said...

I love keeping travel journals... I mostly write aout all the things I ate. It's so much fun to go back and read it. :)

1:21 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Maria said...

hey! this is hilarious. you're now in my home town and STILL recommending restaurants I've not heard of :) here was me thinking I'd have to go to Seattle to sample some of your suggestions. I think those madeleine look amazing. I realised I'd missed a post as aI was looking forward to Paris and found London instead - it sounds like you're making the most of the unexpected. As others have said - Scottish West Coast! way to go! also, Cambridge for a day trip from London, definitely. I prefer it to Oxford too :)
have a ball!

1:26 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous cheriepicked said...

Lovely photos!

1:31 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Virginia said...

Just to throw my two cents (or two pence?) in... Edinburgh is great, of course, but I spent two months in Glasgow last summer and fell head-over-heels for the city. It's young and vibrant and artsy and there is great food, (notably, Dhakin a South Indian Dosa restaurant). Glasgow gets a bad rep sometimes, but I think it is lovely. The train isn't too long in between the two cities either.
Have a wonderful trip. Enjoy!

1:36 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Eleanor said...

Enjoy this time to yourself...I'll enjoy following your adventures from afar!

1:40 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Alex said...

The Spirit of Marmalade! That has made my day all by itself.

I hope this doesn't sound silly, but letting go of pre-made plans is always difficult for me, so I'm really impressed with the way you're rolling with this change.

1:47 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Junsui said...

Even though it's not quite what you had in mind, it looks and sounds like you're having a lovely, lovely time. I don't know if it's the picture of the madeleines or just the fact that you're on a completely unexpected adventure, but it makes me wish that I were in London, too.

1:57 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Neeley said...

Big giant smile from me for your spirit to embrace serendipitous moments. I am discovering that they often bring me the most joy and best life lessons.

2:03 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Ann said...

Glad you're enjoying London; we can offer a lot, along with fcking pigeons everywhere. Have a lush Parisian break, and do go to Borough, it's nuts and you'll leave a lot poorer. Btw, this might be of interest? http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/oct/16/ofm-awards-2011-best-newcomer - (and by the lovely Nige, whose current programme you'll be able to see on BBC iplayer). Different London food shopping. Can't wait to see your pics of our grimy city.

2:44 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you get your drive through the Scottish countryside, please visit Perth (about 45 minutes northwest from Edinburgh)). It's a lovely town with a beautiful high street - I'd love to see my old home through your eyes and your photos.

2:45 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger riye said...

Go Molly! Glad you're having a good time! Hope you have an equally fantastic time in Paris and Edinburgh. :-)

2:47 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Ann said...

PS, It was Samuel Johnson who said "When a man is tired of London he is tired of life. Visit his house just off Fleet Street, then have some cheap (but okay) brews at the Olde Cheshire Cheese - a haunt of Yeats and the like. But either hunker down for boozing around 4 or get there around 7, as it can go City boy mad, which is a downer.
Brixton isn't great, I'd say, but then I go through it a lot. Sorry for double comment. But The Olde Cheshire Cheese is a great pub.

2:47 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous erin @ from city to farm said...

Bravo, bravo! Sometimes the best adventures are the ones you don't necessarily plan on...but you have to be brave to go on them. Proud of you for making the best, and flowing with where life takes you!

3:59 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous zephyr said...

Ah yes...she was right. About the "lucky" part. i kinda knew that once the initial shock waned, you'd find the silver lining. Love the barge find, 'specially. :^)

4:30 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger jennifer said...

I'm studying at the University of Edinburgh and it is definitely the most beautiful Scottish city. And if you can, there are so many castles and lochs you should see - the country is lovely. I don't know how useful I could be, but if you would like a meandering guide in Edinburgh, I'd be thrilled to help. :)


4:35 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger teryll said...

So glad you're having a great time!

4:44 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Roberta said...

I love you writing and you deserve all of the support you get. I suspect you will thrive as a writer or in any other field you dare to commit to. As far as your blog goes, the writing is wonderful and the photos are just the icing on the cake!

4:53 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Gale Reeves said...

I'm so glad you are taking the trip into Paris. I was there in September, and it's still in my heart....enjoy...

4:56 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Brit said...

i'm glad you're going. :) why the hell not?

5:24 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Cristina said...

Fabulous! The great thing about Scotland is that even in its largest city (Glasgow), you only need to drive/sit on a train for 15 minutes and then, just like that, sheep. It's amazing. The Scottish countryside is definitely accessible enough for a day (or even an afternoon) trip! Maybe buy some wellies as a souvenir though, it's wet here this week. Have fun!

5:40 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Cristina said...

PS-You said that after reading all of the comments on your last post, you feel taken care of. You get what you put into the world, I think. Now you know how you've made us feel for the past few years!

5:43 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'London Is The Place For Me' is an auditory delight! One that I have been jonesing for ever since I accidentally deleted it from my iTunes.

6:18 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your trip is going well, it is what you make of it - congrats on seeing the positive and making it the best trip you can have. What struck me today was your photos, I was going to post a link to a "brian" website that I follow who lives in London. Your photos so reminded me of his (I love his photos), there is an essence of Brian in them. Well I clicked on your brian link and guess what - same guy, perhaps I found him through your website, don't know as it has been so long. Please do tell him his photos are tremendous as are yours.
Enjoy your trip, the food, the unknown, the adventure and most importantly emjoy yourself!
Kitty, Bham, WA

6:40 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Meredith said...

Have a great time in Edinburgh, Molly! It's such a great food town with lots of wonderful places tucked in the closes. Mellis Cheesemonger is especially awesome, and the Elephant House on George IV Bridge has a great atmosphere and is a fantastic place to write.

7:13 PM, October 18, 2011  
Anonymous Vinette said...

Hi Molly, I am new to your blog and becoming hooked already! I am almost finished reading your book -- and made the banana bread for a gathering with friends in New Hampshire. We loved it!

7:39 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger jen said...

so glad you are enjoying your time there. xo

7:42 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger mummydinosaur said...

Molly - enjoy whatever countryside you find yourself in. If you head back to London, you might want to visit the National Portrait Museum, it's a fascinating place. (and the tea shop downstairs is cheaper than the one upstairs without the view of the rooftops, if I remember correctly which I probably don't). I'm looking forward to seeing what you see! Cheers.

7:47 PM, October 18, 2011  
OpenID kboehnlein said...

beautiful pictures and writing!! I'm jealous of your world-searching. I visited Scotland on a 2 week road trip last summer so if you have any suggestions, let me know! From, Katie, a fan.

8:34 PM, October 18, 2011  
Blogger Sivani said...

Very sorry to hear about your trip being cancelled. Enjoy every moment because you are on the most amazing adventure - you can go anywhere and do whatever you like. If you're in the north of France visiting your friends, you could take a train to Switzerland. It's close, it's beautiful and if you come to Zurich you can stay with me and my fiancé or at least meet with us for dinner and a tour.

1:23 AM, October 19, 2011  
Anonymous Joan said...

Molly your writing warmes my heart. I just finished your book. Lovely, can not wait for your next one. I have never been to London, Paris or Scotland but plan on going. Have read all comments and taken notes from all who gave you advice on favorite places to enjoy. Can not wait to see your pictures. Have fun. Looking forwards to your next post.

2:13 AM, October 19, 2011  
Anonymous naila said...

nice post as always. wats that in the small white pot ur sinking the spoon in, in the second last pic.. looks yum.

3:04 AM, October 19, 2011  
Anonymous Victoria said...

When we were eighteen, my best friend and I spent the summer before we went off to college in England. During that time, we took a memorable trip to Edinburgh; I distinctly remember eating crisp apples and crumbly shortbread.

I agree with the commenter* Judy when she said that "the best times are often the times least planned." I hope you find that to be true of this sojourn. Have fun!

*I had to look this one up to make sure I got the right spelling.

3:05 AM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger Patty said...

I love France, outside of Paris even better than in it. And knowing people there makes it even better! The trains are pretty great. and the food is so amazing--you practically couldn't find a bad meal if you tried.

3:44 AM, October 19, 2011  
Anonymous Salad Club said...

OOOH! I think we may be posting too late to catch you but if you're heading back to London come and make a special trip to Brixton Village! We've been reading your blog for ages, love it, and have plenty to show you here - namely a handful of wonderful, independent, handbuilt restaurants all in a Victorian market arcade. Very much talked about in London at the moment, and we've just opened up FRENCH & GRACE after writing our award-winning food blog and book, Salad Club. We'd love to feed you and talk about the stresses and highs of building your own place!
Ellie & Rosie x

7:08 AM, October 19, 2011  
Anonymous Gretchen said...

The "Spirit of Marmalade"--love it! What do you think the "spirit" of marmalade is? My guess is cheerful.

8:05 AM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger Suzler said...

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Edinburgh! I lived there for five years and it's my favourite place in the world. As someone said, the light is so beautiful. I hope you have a lovely time.

9:02 AM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger Denice Barker said...

I, too, keep a travel journal. A new one for each trip. I write only on the right hand page, leaving the left for a photo of what I was talking about, or the hotel we stayed at, the restaurant we ate in, a ticket stub, anything that will correspond to the right hand page.

9:12 AM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger Nicole said...

Edinburg is a city with castles in the sky,enjoy it.Breathe it in.On the way back I suggest you drive past The Lake District in Cumbria.Its magical and might help you make peace with the footprints of all your life.

9:21 AM, October 19, 2011  
OpenID girlseeksplace said...

I want to go all of those places. You took some beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

10:52 AM, October 19, 2011  
Anonymous ruthie@thetwicebitten said...

Aw Im so pleased you are coming to Scotland. I admire your photies and writing so much, it's just nice to know you will be walking the same streets that I do.

Im sure your Edinburgh chums will look after you well, with typical Scottish hospitality but I wouldn't feel right if I didn't give you a run down of my Edinburgh top 5

1 - Walking in the new town area, lovely georgian architecture and there is an amazing gorge in the middle of the city between Stockbridge and Dean village (medieval mill hamlet). I don't think you have seen the true Edinburgh till you have just taken an aimless stroll here.

2- the Barony (Broughton Street), a cosy victorian pub which strikes the balance of not being touristy yet not intimidating.

3 - Broughton Deli (just off Broughton street) - wonderful sandwiches and the best cakes in town. No excessive icing in sight. Your recent plum cake wouldn't be out of place here. On the right side of hip.

4 - Gullane beach - beautiful beach 30 min from edinburgh, great for a fish and chips at sunset. Lavender blue is a nice little antique kitchen bits and bobs shop en route

5 - Mellis cheese shops (in the old town and in Stockbridge) - A bit of treasure trove. There is a great Pyrennes aged goat's cheese in there.

I really hope you enjoy your time here.
Welcome to the 'burgh...

12:00 PM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger Janice said...

Oh, so glad to hear from you and that you are taking the opportunity to be Courageously Adventuresome.

12:12 PM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger Raquelita said...

We lived in Edinburgh for two-and-a-half years before we made the leap across the pond. Please make sure to visit the legendary deli Valvona & Crolla on Elm Row. I'd make you go to Plaisir du Chocolat too, if it hadn't - very sadly - closed down. Also, if you can spare a train ride to Glasgow, be sure to stop in at Voltaire & Rousseau. It's the sort of used bookstore dreams are made of.

You will have a magical stay.

2:01 PM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger naree said...

You went to Shoreditch! Song Que is a cool restaurant as well. I am so glad :)

3:25 PM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger Audrey McClune said...

Rhubarb, in Edinburgh, was one of the most memorable restaurant experiences I have ever had. My parents treated me when I was going to school there. Other than during their visit, the most memorable food I had came from my international roommates in our ill-equipped kitchen flat. I did drink a lot of tea at Elephant House- I second that recommendation (where J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter!). I'm planning a trip back for this summer so I hope to hear about places you visit! Yay for Edinburgh!!!

4:09 PM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger Sarah said...

It makes me so happy tonight thinking or you and Brian together. Weird as that might be, not having ever met either of you. Have so much fun!!!!

7:23 PM, October 19, 2011  
Anonymous Marissa said...

I'm so proud of you for making the best of it! Great attitude. I'm betting the universe will reward you with some great surprises :)

7:52 PM, October 19, 2011  
Anonymous Ilke said...

Make the best out of it! I am sure, you will have a great story to tell at the end :)

7:59 PM, October 19, 2011  
Blogger Victoria said...

I'm pleased and proud of you and expected no less! xx

2:37 AM, October 20, 2011  
Anonymous Amber said...

I think the Spirit of Marmalade is my favourite boat ever. I am lucky enough to live a few blocks away and walk down the canal often.

2:41 AM, October 20, 2011  
Anonymous Maya said...

I just love your photos. Taking film photos really sets your blog apart (as if your writing didn't already do that...and it totally does). I developed my first roll of film the other day and I'm completely addicted.

You're an inspiration to my photography, just so you know. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

4:39 AM, October 20, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh Molly ! I have followed your post for years and feel so excited that you are in town in London..where I have been following it from. I wish there was a reading or something that would have allowed your fans to meet you..and I wish I knew how to invite you out for a coffee and some cake..
Enjoy your trip,
Love S x x

6:01 AM, October 20, 2011  
Blogger Danielle said...

I think madeleines can cure just about anything. A friend just sent me an article about the power of madeleines (and other delicious french treats) in a small town in New Hampshire. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/01/us/01land.html?pagewanted=all

Both you and this little town are making happy endings. So lovely!

7:24 AM, October 20, 2011  
Blogger tori said...

Hope you have a fabulous time in Edinburgh and thrilled that London has been treating you kindly. If you're craving great coffee we found it at Artisan Roast (http://www.eat-tori.com/2011/08/best-coffee-in-edinburgh.html) travel safe.

8:18 AM, October 20, 2011  
Blogger Sara said...

Oh, I just adore Scotland and I am in a constant state of missing it ... I see a lot of great recommendations and I'd like to add Always Sunday on the Royal Mile (the High Street) - it's a real gem tucked among some more tourist-y places. They serve the kind of breakfast that you would admire. :) Also, this might be out of your realm of possibility, but if you can make it all the way to the Hebrides islands, please go to Tiree. I spent a few days there in January 2002 and I still think about it nearly daily ...

8:26 AM, October 20, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you can make it up to Scotland... Edinburgh is an amazing city, beautiful, breathtaking, deep.
You may also want to go up to Dunnotar castle ruins, near the small town of Stonehaven, which is a short busride up the Eastern coast from Edinburgh.. where you may see a lone seal swimming in the shallow waters near the shore, as I did. My friend and I found some ripe strawberries, crusty bread and a nice white wine in the town nearby and made a meal of that while on the hike to the ruins.

2:37 PM, October 20, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If in Edinburgh, please try this baked potato shop out! We went there years ago, fabulous!!


2:50 PM, October 20, 2011  
Blogger KimJ said...

Just started reading your blog and just finished your book. I loved it! The stories and recipes are magnificent! Looking forward to so much more from you.

3:01 PM, October 20, 2011  
Blogger Kirsty said...

when you come to edinburgh you should try mother india's cafe for some indian tapas, absolutely beautiful. you will love my city, it is so beautiful and haunting.

4:12 PM, October 20, 2011  
Anonymous Magda said...

You're a true European at heart, Molly :)

4:43 AM, October 21, 2011  
Anonymous jackie ellis said...

I just got back from pastry school in Paris not too long ago! I fell in serious love with that city:) Let me know if you want any pastry recommendations. I think I ate pretty much everything in that city and have 15 extra pounds of belly fat as street cred.

7:25 PM, October 21, 2011  
Blogger Patricia Lawler said...

On several trips to England I took with my Mom, sister, and brother we took turns writing in our travel journal. It's so fun to go back and read them now, 'specially since my Mom and sister have since left this world. Wonderful memories, some hilarious, that might otherwise have been lost. Have a lovely time!

4:07 AM, October 22, 2011  
Anonymous Katie said...

This post is bringing back so many memories of my study abroad trip to London last year. I had the bacon sandwich from St. John Bread and Wine http://tuckinfoodblog.blogspot.com/2010/12/meat-bread-wine-and-everything-fine.html I haven't stopped craving it since. I love the pics and hope your having a fabulous time :)

8:49 PM, October 22, 2011  

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