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Paris Diary

I first met my friend Maria in 2005. She had a blog then called port2port - maybe you remember it? - and I can’t remember who found who, but at some point, we started reading each other’s sites. She lives in Portland, Maine, but that fall, she came to Seattle to visit a friend, and we went out for doughnuts and had a drink at the Alibi Room, my favorite bar back then. I was nervous to meet her, because I admired her: her photography, her style, the quiet way she writes, the details she notices in her daily life. I remember feeling amazed by how creative she was, by the fact that she made a living through creative work. I thought Maria was so cool. (Over in Portland, she’s now rolling her eyes in my direction.) I have only a blurry memory of what that afternoon and evening were like, but I remember coming away from it feeling that we were friends, and that meant a lot to me.

It seems like Maria is always dreaming up new projects, and I feel lucky to have been involved in a couple of them over the past six years. She invited me to be one of the featured artists in Lines & Shapes, a series of books that she and Lena Corwin curated, and she also gave me a spot in the beautiful Sundays Are for Lovers. She also gave me the chance to have my photographs in a show(!) for the first time, back in 2009. Working with Maria, even from across the country, has made me think differently about what matters to me, both in my work and my every day. Maria believes that everyday living is art, and though a lot of what I write about here is everyday-life stuff, I had never really understood exactly what I was doing, what it was that motivated me, until I started following her work. She helps me to see possibilities everywhere. In short, she inspires the heck out of me. (...Annnnd now she’s going to stop reading this and go die of embarrassment. Sorry, MAV.)

I love writing, and I can’t imagine ever choosing to do something else. But those of us who write mostly do our work alone. Collaboration isn’t usually part of it. I like to collaborate, and that’s one reason why I’ve loved doing Spilled Milk. (That, and the fact that it gives me a legitimate reason to drink four milkshakes in one day.) So when Maria and I starting kicking around the idea, back in the summer of 2010, of traveling somewhere together and doing a project around our travels, my immediate answer was YES! Actually, I think it was HELL YES! No need to mince words.

It’s taken us more than a year to get our plan / budget / selves together, but later this week, we’re finally acting on our idea. We’re traveling together to Paris(!!!). I’ve been thinking about typing that sentence for nearly fifteen months, and still, I can’t believe it. We’ll be there from October 16 to November 6, sharing an apartment, pooling our cameras, and no doubt doing a lot of walking and writing and shooting. Over the past year, we’ve kicked around a bunch of ideas about what we want to make from this experience: a blog? A small book? With photography? Writing? Maybe drawings? In the end, we decided to do all of it. We have a lot of work to do.

Because we love and believe in books, the main focus of our trip will be to make a book. We’re calling it Paris Diary. It feels scary to hazard a description of a book that hasn’t been made yet, and whose contents are currently just ideas in a notebook, so that is all I will say about that. Give me a few weeks.

But we also wanted to find a way to record the experience, the everyday parts, in the short term. To that end, we’re creating a website. While we’re in Paris, we’ll be posting updates five days a week: videos, photographs, bits of our days. What you currently see on the site is just a placeholder; the actual site will go up on October 16, a week from today - or on the 17th, at the latest. In any case, shortly after we get to Paris.

(!!!) I still can’t believe it.

When we were first brainstorming last summer, I remember worrying about our choice of city, worrying that everything in Paris had already been seen and done a thousand times, if not a million. Maybe that’s true. But I like the challenge of trying to see something differently - learning, really, to see it differently. Especially right now, in the middle of the process of writing my own book, in the middle of that cave. I could use a new set of eyes, and I’m going to go find them.

I’ll see you over there.


Blogger Kate said...

Have a wonderful trip. Safe travels and make wonderful memories!

3:48 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous Roberta said...

CONGRATULAIONS! My sentiment is most certainly necessitates the use of all caps. You will no doubt see Paris in a new way. It will be your way, you will be the only one that can capture what you see, it will be colored by your own history and experiences. I can hardly wait to see/read about your adventure.

3:55 PM, October 09, 2011  
OpenID withlit said...

That sounds incredible! Enjoy the gorgeous weather.

3:55 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger meg said...

Because my absolute favorite posts you have written are based upon everyday happenings (stories of cake and watching boats sail in and out of the bay, or 9am beignetes enjoyed with outrageously entertaining cohorts!), I am quite intrigued by your project. I cannot wait to see how you capture the subtle and wonderful details of Paris!

4:21 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger lauren said...

thank you, molly, for continuing to inspire me. you truly have forced me to reconsider what a good life is over the past few years that i've been reading your blog...and i wouldn't go back for anything. good luck!

4:23 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Fun. I'm looking forward to it.

4:31 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous blair/wise craft said...

I can't wait to see this collaboration unfold, how thrilling! xo

4:32 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous Amy said...

That sounds fantastic- I hope you have a fantastic time!

I went to Paris a few weeks ago on a spontaneous trip with my mother and I paid close attention to your recommendations. After extensive macaroon testing I can happily tell you that Pierre Hermes > Lauduree.

I would also very strongly recommend a restaurant called 'Fish la Boissonnerie'- their wine is fantastic and they really know what they're on about, while they do some very interesting twists on utterly delicious fish dishes. Well worth a visit. It's on 69 rue de Seine.

Very much looking forward to the book- is it too much to hope that it'll be available in England?

Best wishes,
Amy Stout x

4:52 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Debbie said...

Sounds like an amazing idea/opportunity - enjoy, & wish you the best!

4:59 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous mav said...

oh my gosh. xo!

4:59 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous Melissa said...

de-lurking after many years following your blog to tell you how much I love this idea! for those of us that are expats living in the city of light (and fans), will you be trying to blend in, or would there be a chance to catch a coffee and meet with you? totally understandable if it is the former... have a wonderful trip, it is a great time to be in this city.

5:08 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

How fun. I feel like I'm at my creative best when I share ideas with a good friend. Just an idea, take a mini-disk player (if you have one), or another kind of audio recorder. I bet an iPhone could do some recording too. Anyway, it's always a good idea to capture the sound of a place, it helps to put you back if later you need some inspiration. Just a thought. This is coming from a girl who did her MA in Audio Documentaries. Anyway, have fun on your trip.

5:16 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger HAILEY said...

Wow Molly. I think I feel the same way about you as you used to of MAV. In a non-creepy way I always wished we could be friends and collaborate! So I can understand your excitement. I've followed your work and MAV's for the last two years. And I am beyond excited for not only your next book, but now a 2nd book by two of my favorite creative people! Congrats!!!

5:21 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First the NYT article and now this. I need to go back there again!



5:23 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Paris! How exciting. If you have a chance, check out this blog: afrenchfryeinparis.wordpress.com. Corey Frye is an expatriate who married a Parisian girl and now lives in France. His posts are worth a read. Great photos, too.

5:24 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Brigi said...

what a wonderful trip!!! what a great idea!!! I am looking forward to your project :)

5:30 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous Gale Reeves said...

I'm so excited for you! I was in Paris for 6 days in September and loved every minute. I did post to my bog almost daily. It was hard to live and love and see and smell and taste Paris, and then have the energy to write the blog posts.
I'm currently working through about 1600 pictures, trying to choose the best for a Blurb book. I cannot imagine how many pictures the two of you will snap. The hard part is choosing which pictures to discard; I love them all---they all hold a memory...
I look forward to following you on your journey!!!!! Thanks for offering to share your experience.

5:43 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Nisrine said...

I love the comment above about recording the sound of a place.

Have a great time, Molly!

5:46 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Abby said...

That sounds absolutely amazing. Enjoy! I'm looking forward to that book...

5:52 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger shari said...

it's going to be an amazing trip. xo

5:54 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Oh, swoon! I'll be checking on the new site!

6:05 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger LBunny said...

This sounds wonderful!
My mother gave me your book a few months back and I've be quickly falling in love with your words, site, story, and recipes. I started a food blog in January with no specific goals besides learn more about food.
Your site is a constant inspiration, and I love reading your recipes. I just made an apple tart based on your recipe and also Jaques Pepins and it was delicious. The list of your recipes I want to try gets longer by the day :)
Anyway thank you for being you and spreading the joyful message of delicious food. I bet your Paris adventure will be magical!

6:06 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Michelle Stiles said...

I feel incredibly inspired by your work and life - I look forward to the creativity that comes out of this adventure!

6:11 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Maria Hitt said...

You will have a fabulous time- I'm a bit jealous. Been following your blog ever since reading your book last year. You are such an inspiration for me both as a writer and a foodie. Thanks for being you. I look forward to this newest adventure and also your next book.
Have a blast- October in Paris will be bliss.

6:58 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous Kelsey said...

Oh my gosh, how wonderful! Paris also has a very special place in my heart. I'm planning a trip (back) with my husband for my 30th birthday! Even though it's still 2 years away I'm already counting down the days. Can't wait to read about your trip.

7:11 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Allison said...

This is so exciting! Can't wait to read. I think the way of thinking and seeing you describe is something I've been learning over the past year via your blog, the blue hour (especially), and a few others. So excited to see what comes of this.

7:16 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Brit said...

wow! i mean, incredible! i hope you have an amazing time!

7:21 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger deborah said...

This is so great to read, Molly and Mav!! Everyone has a different experience in a city so the more we share the more we learn - can't wait to see yours.

p.s. I'd just like to add that the visual word verification for this comment is "fleas" and I immediately thought... PARIS FLEAS! Oh my goodness ... how much fun you'll guys have!

7:42 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger katie g said...

Bon Voyage! I just moved back from 2 years in France. Please visit the following...some of my favorites

Le Petit Atelier de Paris dans le Marais
Le resto- L'amourette à Montreuil. Le meilleur croustillant de chevre du monde
la flaque 36 rue quinampoix

7:52 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger A Sunny Disposition said...

Wow how exciting! I will be in Paris at the same time - flying all the way from New Zealand on Wednesday and spending two whole weeks eating my way around Paris - no doubt we will cross paths at some point.. David Lebovitz and www.parispatisseries.com have been my go-to blogs for where to go when I arrive.. Hooray for Paris in October - can't think of anything nicer :)

9:09 PM, October 09, 2011  
Anonymous Andrea@Imwaytoobusy said...

Oh, I am so excited for you to begin this journey. I can't wait to live vicariously through you. How exciting!

9:29 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Tracy said...

oh I cannot wait! bon voyage!

9:57 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Lisa :-] said...

Don't get so wrapped up in this creative "work" that you forget to have a fabulous time...!

10:07 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Blackbird Experience said...

have a great time! I don't everything can ever ALL be said about any city or place. Through your eyes, it will all be different.

11:31 PM, October 09, 2011  
Blogger Eva said...

I love this idea, it´s really exciting! Have a great trip and thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

12:07 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Ruth said...

The trip sounds awesome, and if the photos in this post are anything to go by, then I can't wait to see the photography!

12:23 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger charlotte said...

YES! To all of that! x

12:39 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Amy said...

Cool! How exciting.

12:43 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Marissa said...

We (my husband and I) were similarly inspired - we're half way through two months in Italy! (blog & book on the way)
I can't wait to follow your trip...

12:53 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this will be magical. i know or sure.
can't wait!

1:04 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Anne said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Fall is really in full swing in Paris these days, so that's going to be exciting. Je vois beaucoup de tasses de vin chaud dans votre avenir!
I'll be going in the opposite direction (Paris-- Oregon) around the same time, so I understand your excitement!
I can't wait to read about your adventures!

1:09 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous pierre said...

bienvenu à Paris !

2:25 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Kara said...

Bon voyage, Molly! Your enthusiasm simply skips off the screen, and we're all excited for you. I hope you and Mav spend some quality time sauntering slowly through alleys with a warm baguette (or three) in tow.

2:49 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Amy said...

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your time in the city of light and I can't wait to see the end result. Eat a tonne of macarons and chocolate for all of us who can't get there quite yet :)

2:55 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Mel said...

Dear Molly, we don't know each other and yet every time I read your site, I feel like we do (you must get that a lot!).

And as much as strangers can, I share in your excitement and cannot wait to see what unfolds for you in Paris.

Bon voyage et bonne chance!

2:56 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Koey said...

I am infected by the excitement from your words and am looking forward to the effort from your trip!!!
You are so lucky to have such a inspirational friend:-)

Have a wonderful and safe trip!

3:36 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Gaelen said...

Have a great time! Also, consider financing your book upfront with something like Kickstarter. I've had several friends pre-fund their cd's using this site. I already love your writing and photography enough that I'd prepurchase the book. yes, even before you've gone and shot photo #1. I bet you have a lot of fans who would back you.

5:01 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger patoumi said...

Dear Molly, it's my first comment here but I like so much your blog and MAV's work (I've got "Sundays are for lovers" on my favourite shelf!) that I can't resist today to say "Congratulations!", and have a lovely trip to Paris together!

5:34 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger clairehelene7 said...

This is so exciting. I've been reading both of you about as long as 2005 and find you both so inspiring. I can't wait to live vicariously through your Parisian adventures!

6:30 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Elissa said...

BLISS. I am holding my breath. Can I be you for a day? Please?

6:35 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger anya said...

You go, Molly and Mav (and Paris)!!

6:44 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Magda said...

This is so exciting Molly.
It's so cool that you decided to do something so creative with your friend. Good luck and see you on the new site!

7:46 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Margaret said...

For more thoughts on memories of and seeing Paris for the first time, have you seen the latest NYT Travel article? http://travel.nytimes.com/2011/10/09/travel/lost-in-paris.html?nl=travel&emc=tda1 I haven't been back to Paris for a while (and I studied abroad there for a semester) but there is always a yearning to go back, and for me, it's more for what I cherish than to see what has changed. What about you? Do you feel a balance or a tipping of the scales?
Have so much fun, you two.

8:06 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Mary said...

sounds like a superb collaboration!

8:57 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous one perfect pie said...

Wow. Are you are ever lucky, and are WE ever lucky. I cannot wait to see what you see in Paris and to start making my list of food places to visit on our next trip.

I'll bet you already know about the awesome book, eat.shop.Paris, but if not, you should grab a copy before you go.

Enjoy every moment!

9:13 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Anne Zimmerman said...

Super excited to travel along with you. I was in France two years ago for just the same block of time. Paris in October is exceptional. Enjoy!

9:18 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Congratulations, Molly! I can't wait to see what you and MAV create! My husband and I just moved to Paris, literally yesterday! So exciting that you'll be coming to Paris! I'm sure you and MAV will be inspired anew by Paris. Bon Voyage!

9:19 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger La Petite Aubergine said...

congratulations! i went to paris this last may for the 3rd time (you emailed me suggestions for places to go/see - thank you!) and can't wait to read all of your new discoveries and thoughts in the city you love. safe travels!

9:32 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Kate McDermott/Art of the Pie, Seattle said...

How wonderful! I look forward to followimg along. I'll be arriving in France just after you return, by one day. Bon Voyage!

9:32 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous anu said...

That sounds so exciting and wonderful! I am a big fan of the 3191 series! I have always been in love with domesticity, but reading her and your blog have really inspired me to look at everyday objects differently and joyfully! Thanks a lot and happy travels!

9:35 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Audrey said...

Awesome ! I can't wait to read you. I live in Paris (I'm a journalist for the daily newspaper Le Monde), I imagine you already have tons of contacts here but if you need anything, it'd be my pleasure, as a devoted reader of your blog, to help you.
Have fun !

9:53 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's very clever of you to leave town for several weeks right after getting a new dog! I'm sure she'll be completely trained by the time you return.


9:54 AM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Rita said...

That's amazing. I am sure your passions will create something amazing!

10:02 AM, October 10, 2011  
OpenID thirtythreadbaremercies said...

I may never get to Paris so it will be fun to see it now through your eyes. Paris will never be over-done: we are all hungry to see what you will share with us!

10:11 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Lynne @ 365 Days of Baking said...

How exciting and what an absolutely incredible experience! Enjoy!
I'll definitely be checking out the website and looking forward to the book!

10:36 AM, October 10, 2011  
OpenID marissahuber.com said...

Congratulations! I fell in love with Maria's work when I started obsessing over letterpress years ago, and have enjoyed seeing her shift gears and do new projects.

Your time in Paris sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity! Enjoy! What inspiration to dream big, thank you!

11:18 AM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger F. said...

Hey there from Paris and hope you'll have a lovely late autumn in the city ,just two tips go to Juveniles wine bar on rue Richelieu and to La Régalade Saint Honoré, have their milk rice for dessert, amazing and it comes with a wooden spoon.HHave fun!

12:11 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Beth said...

You will truly see me over there. I will be in Paris for a mere, short 4 days during the time that you are there. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you a fellow Seattlite.

12:19 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Marilou said...

Congrats! What a wonderful opportunity - can't wait to read all about your adventures in Paris!

12:24 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Rhett said...

I hope you have a wonderful time. Your trip sounds so great! Can't wait to all about it. Safe travels!

12:50 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger mme. bookling said...

Soo looking forward to this project. Sounds like a dream come true, seriously.

Can you put an RSS feed on the parisdiary website so I can follow it that way?

Bon Voyage, carry us with you.

12:57 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For staring the website, we can all live vicariously on this great adventure. Have fun!

1:06 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger pom. said...

OH! What a winning combo! That book will be one I cannot wait to see! Have a lovely time!!

1:08 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous ruthie@thetwicebitten said...

That sounds such a top notch trip. Creativity and paris; a marriage made to last. I spent a summer in le marais and those months were some of the happiest of my life.

1:16 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger shutterbean said...

this is like a dream come true!! Two of my favorite bloggers teaming up in PARIS!!! I can't wait to see what comes out of this. Have fun!!! ENJOY!

1:32 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Sarah at Letters from the Kitchen said...

A collaborative creative trip with an inspiring friend sounds like a dream! It doesn't matter how many times Paris has been done; what matters is the way it filters through your eyes. Thank you for the reminder that whether it's a country or just the everyday stuff of life, it's the filters and lenses through which it's seen and told that make it art. Looking forward to watching your project as it evolves!

1:32 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Morgan said...

I spent a month in Paris last year and it was one of the most life-changing gifts I have ever given myself. Paris is so vast, no doubt you will find stories to tell and images to share that are new to everyone. Enjoy.

2:04 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Claudia said...

I love that you're not sure of what you will be doing - it keeps you open. 10 years ago I met an amazing woman who had a cable show "Write Your Own History" which centered on the fascination of "everyday" people's lives. She retired at age 90. I still miss the show. Everyday is fascinating - it's all in the details and our common foibles and warmth.

2:35 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Elizabeth @ Saffron Lane said...

You are the luckiest girl alive! What a extraordinary project. Soak it up and enjoy every last second of it. The rest of us will be waiting with bated breath for the updates!

2:48 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous cheriepicked said...

What a great project!
Happy travels.


2:52 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

Looking forward to see/read your diary of my city !
I know the two of you will see the extraordinaire in the ordinary things...
We're waiting for you !

3:01 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Janice said...

Can't wait, wish I could go and experience it myself, but since I can't I'm happy to experience it through your eyes.

3:06 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Typeset said...

hi, that sounds so lovely and I'm betting the result will be beautiful. I work in a small independant bookstore in Sydney, Australia and I'd love to see the product when it comes out. If you don't get a major distributor, I'd hate for us over here to miss out. I'm at turtlesalthewaydown@gmail.com if you'd like to drop me a line when it's done. Good luck!

3:10 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Brittaney said...

This is awesome! Can't wait to read!

4:43 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous charlotte au chocolat said...

how wonderful! enjoy!

5:27 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Nicole said...

Yours is the first blog I ever started reading. Actually the first I had ever come across. I now read many blogs but yours is still my favourite. Paris was my first foreign city love. I have loved many others but Paris is still my favourite. Paris can never be seen (or read about)too many times. It will be wonderful.

6:24 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Laura said...

Yay! I'm so excited to follow you on more adventures (and am excited to be able to live vicariously through you as we prepare for our own trip to Paris in November!).

More importantly, I hope that you know that just like Maria inspired you, you have inspired so many of us with your beautiful words, amazing food, and great thoughts about the wonders of every day life.

Thank you - and yay for your trip! Now we can say: "Guess what?! You're going to Paris!"

7:04 PM, October 10, 2011  
Anonymous Christine said...

Two words: Gerard Mulot.

7:15 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Victoria said...

You most certainly will!

8:31 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger mummydinosaur said...

I can't wait to read your posts and any book that arises from this collaboration. Have fun!

9:11 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger spacedlaw said...

Every new comer to Paris (or to any place) is a unique individual and therefore bound to have a unique view of the city, so don't worry.
Have a great time.
Report back.

(got here via Twitter)

10:26 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Amy Divine said...

Good luck, good eats, good friends! Have a fantastic time.

10:30 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger The Casual Baker said...

What a fantastic adventure. Looking forward to following along.

11:29 PM, October 10, 2011  
Blogger Julie said...

Have a wonderful time! Very excited to read your updates and experience Paris vicariously!

4:42 AM, October 11, 2011  
Anonymous Susan said...

I'm so looking forward to hearing about...and seeing!... all that you two do together! It is through you that I learned about MAV ... and I feel as though you both are "friends"! 'til later...

6:34 AM, October 11, 2011  
Blogger Jess said...

Awesome! Can't wait to drool over the end result of your collabo. Bon Voyage!

7:32 AM, October 11, 2011  
Anonymous molly said...

i think molly + mav = genius. and how lucky are we to get to join in the fun?

have a ball, the both of you, in the big things and small.

7:46 AM, October 11, 2011  
Blogger megcjones said...

i can't wait to see beautiful paris through your eyes! have an incredible trip.

8:34 AM, October 11, 2011  
Anonymous Martha said...

Have an amazing trip! I was just there in July and trust me, there is much that is new to see, eat, capture, and write about.

Bon Voyage!

8:52 AM, October 11, 2011  
Blogger london bakes said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with, it's going to be just magical I can tell.

10:56 AM, October 11, 2011  
Blogger lesley said...

I'm so jealous! I love Paris! Can't wait to start following your new website religiously!

1:01 PM, October 11, 2011  
Blogger Lady Jennie said...

My city! Have fun! :-)

Let me know if you need anything. (Sincerely)

1:26 PM, October 11, 2011  
Anonymous un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo said...

beautiful words about a beautiful growing bond.
when I think I might just bump into one of you or both ;) (because I'm travelling to Paris just at the same time), bon voyage !

1:43 PM, October 11, 2011  
Anonymous KimB said...

I love it already, including the new site page! Congratulations on a new and exciting chapter ahead...

2:04 PM, October 11, 2011  
Anonymous Sharyn DImmick said...

I just bought your book at Wordstock and like it even better than Orangetts. It's nice to know I have another book to look forward to in the future. And you'd better write about Parisian food and vendors. -- Sharyn

2:31 PM, October 11, 2011  
Blogger Jossie said...

Yay for you - my fav place in the world. You should get in touch with Jordan and Paul from Oh Happy Day - they are having a ball in Paris - I am 'living' there through jordan's fab blog!

3:31 PM, October 11, 2011  
OpenID 120and4thirds.com said...

This may be too grandiose of an idea, but this project sounds like it would make a really cool interactive app/ebook. Maybe group images and stories by parts of the city or around certain types of experiences, and people could pick and choose what to read and in what order. Could be a really fun way to showcase your work.

7:12 PM, October 11, 2011  
Anonymous Tasha said...

So I feel dumb leaving comment #107 and hoping you'll read it but I'd hate myself for not writing something. I'm going to try not to sound like an obsessive fan here but.... A friend recommended your book to me bc of my love of baking. I read it and loved it. I was shocked when I realized that you live in Seattle, bc so do I! I was secretly hoping to run into you someday (like a crazy!) and then I saw this post about Paris. For about a year, 3 of my fav girlfriends and I have been planning to take a trip to France and we fly out to Paris on Oct 17. This is really weird and I promise I'm not a stalker, but I was hoping to hear where you recommend going to eat (specifically bouchons!) and maybe even meeting you if thats not too weird. [tashagentile(at)gmail.com]

9:10 PM, October 11, 2011  
Anonymous Will said...

You know what? You're half right: everything in Paris has been seen and done a thousand times, but not by you. I've always said that I could write a book for every month that I was in Paris. There's so much to do and see, and I envy your trip and look forward to reading about your adventures.

12:02 AM, October 12, 2011  
Blogger tori said...

How fantastic. Am so thrilled for you and excited to see what you produce (and to leech a little off what you find). Heading back to Paris for my 30th for a weekend just a week after you leave. Just a wee bit excited for me as well.

2:05 AM, October 12, 2011  
Anonymous Ilke said...

Have a safe trip! I am looking forward to reading your observations.

5:38 AM, October 12, 2011  
Blogger Cathy said...

We were there just a couple of months ago. Can't wait to see, feel and taste Paris though your eyes!

9:43 AM, October 12, 2011  
Blogger Sasha said...

bon séjour a paris!

i am looking forward to reading about this adventure and this focus on ways of seeing the great dame of cities.

11:48 AM, October 12, 2011  
Blogger Raquelita said...

Oh, Molly, YOU inspire me. I would describe you the way you describe MAV - only, perhaps, I would replace "quiet" with "whimsical" because that is how I think of your writing.

I can't wait to see, feel, taste and touch Paris again. For now, I am content to live vicariously through you!

3:26 PM, October 12, 2011  
Blogger Stacey Snacks said...

You can never see or get enough of Paris. We go every Sept, this year our 5th, and we visit old spots and discover new exciting things with each trip! I blog about it every September.....looking fwd to your book! Enjoy your trip!
Bon Voyage!
Stacey Snacks

6:48 PM, October 12, 2011  
Anonymous Hannah said...

I can't wait to read your thoughts on Paris and to see the city through your eyes. How wonderful to share to share this experience with a close friend, too.

Your words inspire me. Thank you!

9:19 PM, October 12, 2011  
Blogger NellieVaughn said...

I wish you both luck and a safe trip.

1:41 AM, October 13, 2011  
Blogger Jbowyer said...

Hi there - I'd love to show you around Paris, one foodie to another. I've built a nice group of ex-pat foodie friends here in Paris with a smaller group of friends in the magical medievil village of Noyers in Burgundy where there is some amazing culinary adventures underway. I'd love to share them all with you guys if you're interested.


3:54 AM, October 13, 2011  
Anonymous Margie said...

Just joined your blog because of your book. Myself and 2 other women have a mini book club and this month's book is yours! We get together taking turns at each others homes and have dinner and discuss the current book. We always create food that has something to do with the book. That started with a book called "The Recipe Club" and we've continued this for over a year now. I'm enjoying your book and it reminds me of myself. When I have people over for dinner most of the time we never leave the kitchen! My friends have asked me how I learned to cook so well and I always respond by saying, "I learned to cook on the bus"....In my early 20's, I rode the bus to work...I lived in West Seattle and worked in downtown and I would read cookbooks. On the weekend I would invite as many friends as possible and cook for them. I still collect cookbooks, still download recipes from several sites and still love to cook! Now I just have to figure out which recipe to use for the entree since the evening will be at my home!

5:33 AM, October 13, 2011  
Anonymous Julie said...

Yesss! A collaboration of two faves - Orangette + 3191 = awesomeness. Can't wait to follow the adventure!!!!!

9:22 AM, October 13, 2011  
Blogger Molly said...

what a dreamy project! have a blast!

1:39 PM, October 13, 2011  
Blogger the starving student said...

Have an amazing trip...I can't imagine how it could possibly be anything less than that!

6:13 PM, October 13, 2011  
Anonymous Araata said...

Hi I am from Indonesia, is friendship means so much to our lives, we can live the friendship ...

8:08 AM, October 14, 2011  
Blogger Carlin Reagan said...

What a wonderful experience! It's nice to hear about the people who inspire the people who inspire me (ahem, you).

I'n halfway through your book, and I can't wait to see your second home through your eyes.

2:27 PM, October 14, 2011  
Anonymous erin @ from city to farm said...

You're amazing. :)

3:53 PM, October 18, 2011  

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